We race in sessions at Blastacars Malaysia. We also have different speed settings, starting from our NOVICE setting for first timers, all the way up to our intense PROFESSIONAL speed setting for the ultimate drifters!

Blastacars Malaysia Prices

*Our pro karts, with their powerful 390cc engines offer an adrenaline pumping experience but you need to prove you can handle this power first! Come in and show your skill on our Advance speed 270cc karts first. Once the staff think you are ready they will award you with your 'Black Card License' allowing you to race on the more powerful karts.

*Available for a limited time only, you must have 3 or more racers to get this special.

*Available for a limited time only, you must have 3 or more racers to get this special.

Any group that purchases 5 sessions gets a complimentary 6th session free. Must be used the same day, minimum of 3 people collectively buying 5 sessions required to earn the free session.

Any person that purchases 3 sessions can earn a free 10 minute session. You don't have to use them all at once. You can have the sessions added to your profile to be used at a later date.

Our triple screen race simulators are available for linked play or online competition. Our race simulator room has four machines so you can battle against your friends. 

FREE 30 minutes with purchase of our drift packages

1 Race Simulator Unit (30 minutes) free when you purchase any of our drift karting packages. Up to 3 players can share the 30 minutes of race simulator time.

RM 60 - 30 MINUTES

RM 100 - 60 MINUTES